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!! OMG, she’s cutting her own hair in front of a bathroom mirror: Marina and the Diamonds !!

Marina and the Diamonds released a new music video called “Fear and Loathing” yesterday and, like so many female pop stars before her, the clip finds the rising performer thinking deep thoughts in front of a bathroom mirror. Then, in a rash yet symbolic gesture of rebirth, she decides it is time for a new haircut and proceeds to give herself one. It looks pretty good… but not quite as good as the perfect look Beyoncé gives herself in the Me, Myself and I video or the impeccable style Kelis sculpts into shape at the beginning of the “Bossy” video.
Then again, it’s not as bad as the haircut the troubled star of P!nk’s “Fuckin’ Perfect” video gives herself, much less Jessica Simpson’s tearful self cut in the “I Belong To Me Video” or Gloria Estefan’s self-imposed mom ‘do in her “Como Me Duele Perderte” video. It’s more along the lines of like Robyn’s self-do in the original “Be Mine” video but not quite as fun as Björk’s unhinged, self-inflicted shearing in “Violently Happy.”
Watch all the aforementioned haircuts after the jump!

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