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!! OMG, a guessing game: Who does this butt belong to? !!

Find out after the jump…

Rob Kardashian! Sister Kim tweeted the ass shot saying, “Guess who has the biggest butt in the fam?” Normally I wouldn’t watch Dancing With The Stars, but seeing as how Rob will be twirling that fine behind around the dance floor this season, I might just have to tune in.




    That is a beautiful ass, gotta say…Rob is hot, anyway.

    You’re barely posting about this now? This pic has been on the internet for quite some time now.

    I will watch just to see that beautiful ass in in tight pants, better than Kim’s.

    his is hot, her’s is just big.

    I always thought Rob was hot, but that ass…. OH MAN!!! Would love to see HIM posing for Playgirl. When is his sex tape going to leak.

    would love to hook up with rob. unfortunately hes probably uncircumcised. : (


    Yeah! He’s proof that a big ass CAN be hot, not just fat like his sister the whore.

    Can’t wait to see that ass on the widescreen in HD. He will cause a lot of wet dreams.

    He’s gained some weight and was looking hefty (beer gut) on the most recent Kardashian episode… He needs a lil DWTS!!

    So old. Can’t believe you guys barely found this til now.

    To the dudes constantly bickering about circumcised or uncircumcised: a dick is a dick. If your priority in a dude is one or the other, you seriously need to sit down and assess your values in life. Shallow gays–so sick of them.

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