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!! OMG, catch phrase: Britney Spears !!

Here’s a mashup of Britney’s Femme Fatale promo interview’s in the UK. Count how many times she uses the following phrases:
“Well, I think”
“You know”
“Thank you”
…My point still stands that her lexicon is stuck in the 4th grade.

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    This trash gives the back woods of Louisiana a bad name.

    Possible turn-arounds for “Britney Spears should be smarter”:
    -“Britney Spears should NOT be smarter”
    (would her use of more descriptive & thought-provoking language help sell songs about dancing?)
    -“MY WEBSITE should be smarter”
    (Consider what level of “grade school” one spsends their time thinking about nothing but kittens and cute boys)
    For the record, I LIKE visiting OMG Blog.

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