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!! OMG, listen to the new Discodromo single featuring Hard Ton !!

Gay dance music ALERT. Hunky Berlin-based DJ duo Discodromo have teamed up with metal head-turned-flaming disco queen Hard Ton on a euphoric new single called “Build A House” and the whole thing has been given a life-affirming remix treatment by Tensnake (known for his tasteful, nineties-esque dance beats). The track will be available sometime soon via the record label Internasjonal. Check Discodromo’s Facebook page for updates on the release.
In the meantime, have a listen:
Discodromo Feat. Hard Ton – Build A House (Tensnake Remix)
And in case you missed it, a while back we posted a sexy NSFW music video/web film thingy by Discodromo that, incidentally, is WAY hotter than any third-rate, juvenile Nan Goldin wannabe poverty porn fantasy the media apparently considers sexy these days.

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