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!! OMG, who loves Jenny? Mariah Carey !!

Was it the baby weight, Mariah? Was it countless nights of laying around in your shoe room (yes, she has a room full of shoes, haven’t you seen Cribs?) stuffing your face with one of those $12.99 Dominos pizza deals? Whatever the reason, here’s hoping that being the new Jenny Craig spokesperson ain’t a total career killer…

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    Im guessing this is the before shot? cause if i wanted my gut to look like hers at 0:25, then I’d rather pay 5$ for a bic mac instead of 1$ per day, plus cost of food + shipping and handling.

    Okay, so I’m not sure if this will hurt her career. But as far as the concept: Gaga is borrowing from Madonna and now Mariah is borrowing from Gaga with this whole “clawing your way out” thingy. Before you hate, I’m a fan of all 3. LOL.

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