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!! OMG, ravenous: Miley Cyrus loves peen cake !!

It seems Miley Cyrus has a taste for penis cake. TMZ uncovered these shots of the star posing with a birthday cake for her boyfriend Liam Helmsworth—although if it’s a giant replica of his own peen, then I feel bad for Miley. Meanwhile, a 29-year-celibate Tim Gunn appears to have more of a taste for cake than peen…
(via Gawker)

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    interesting cake:))

    is this how miley shows her fans what she dose she might as well suck liams dick fuck u miley one day u will have only 1 fan and that is liams dick she is only 19 i wonder what she gonna do later is this how ur parents raised u to be a slut what dose ur parents do ha

    She is on a fast-track to be a train-wreck.

    and that blistery looking head on the cake is likely what a real peen would look like if it parted the beef curtains of this overexposed tramplet.

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