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!! OMG, underneath your clothes: Bodywear by Beckham !!

Although its official airtime-debut will come during Sunday’s Super Bowl, H&M apparently couldn’t wait to give us a taste of everyone’s favorite thing about David Beckham: David Beckham in his underwear. Released on YouTube this weekend, the ad features the star’s bodywear line for H&M, which includes both tightie-whities and bro boxers for less than $15. If only Beckham’s body were so affordable…
(via HuffPost)





    Oh boy I’m going to run right out and buy me some David Beckham underwear because he’s so cool and…. oh no wait the exact opposite of that.

    yeah this ad came about 10 years too late

    its an ad for underwear yet all we see is tatts and body oh and a uw waist band.hmm i agree with michael WEAK!

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