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!! OMG, he buys the expensive ones: Zac Efron’s red carpet condom drop !!

Both of the explanations for why Zac Efron dropped a condom on the red carpet at The Lorax premiere make him out to be douchelord. Allow me to explain. If the mishap was a calculated publicity stunt from a former teen star trying to prove his machismo, then this was a pathetic display of desperation. But, if the condom drop was indeed an accident, the question still remains who is there to schtoop at The Lorax premiere?! Packing rubbers for the latest Christian Bale flick I can understand, but a kid’s movie? At least Zac scores points for practicing safe sex…




    All I want to know is…what it a MagnumXL?

    I think this was a publicity stunt done to promote contraception in general, because of the whole stupid contraception issue that’s going on right now.

    All lads should carry condoms, always. Respect Zac!

    i agree with Phillip it makes him look douchey in this context. first of all its a movie premiere why would he even need to bring a condom “just in case”, second of all if im not mistaken zac has claimed to have a strong religious background which again makes me wonder why he would be carrying condoms in the first place.

    It’s clearly a telling sign of the times.
    It’s not just the men that are carrying condoms, even the women nowadays wants to protect themselves for being pricked from behind.

    a gentlemas should know how to behave but
    i prefer aondom to an abortion

    what’s the big deal!? so a young guy carries a condom in his pocket!? i really don’t see why the author of this post has his panties in a bunch!

    hey!could you do naked picture of marcos serrano and chad rogers?!please!

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