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!! OMG, his butt: Ryan Pinkston !!


Who could have guessed that Ryan Pinkston — the annoying little brat from Ashton Kutcher‘s Punk’d — would grow up to have a cute little butt? See what I mean after the jump…

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    Someone with face fur and body fur FINALLY!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I hate to sound anti-“bear”… but why do people have to call body hair “fur”. Some animals have fur, but humans have hair. I find body hair attractive, but the idea of sex and “fur” together is a turn off.
    Does pretending to be part of a wild animal group somehow let you deal with reality in a different way?
    I don’t get it.

    Cute ass. Nice hairy legs, too!

    God, I love hairy thighs, legs and ass!

    “Fur” is a synonym for hair and has been for centuries.

    Why don’t you write where these annoyingly sexy pics come from?

    Technically we humans are a wild animal group. We’re mammals, and hair and fur are the same thing.
    P.S. I’m liking this little furry hottie with his hairy legs and his furry ass crack. Woof!


    Nice! I love a hairy butt!

    Shannon – I imagine you look like a heifer!

    Great ass! Love the fur on it, yum.

    Oh my god. My young adolescence was spent lusting after him (annoying as he was). This just made my life.

    Wow I think he was the first person i ever popped a boner to as a kid XD Same as Andrew, I lusted hard over him. Nice to see he grew up to be a cute nerd with a hot hairy bum 😀
    Next time he should spread the cheeks. I wanna see just how far the hair goes!

    I would enjoy kissing that cute little butt as much as I would his cute little face.

    What a nice bubble and hairy bum (butt) ryan has.

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