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!! OMG, not a pimple in sight: Matt Bomer as a high school sophomore !!


Um, not fair! Not only does White Collar star and gay dreamboat Matt Bomer have gorgeous, drool-worthy looks now, he had them back in high school, too. Meanwhile, when I was a sophomore in high school — like Bomer in this yearbook photo — my hair hadn’t yet discovered product and my mother was still buying my clothes… two sizes too large. Alas, we can’t all be gorgeous all our lives.
(via HuffPost)




    Hes my idol I adore Matt thnk oyu for pics

    I hate him.

    Ha… he kind of looks like a goober to me. Although I can’t really judge, because I was in the same place as Phillip. Weird hair, mother buying XXL when I was the skinniest boy in my grade…

    The picture of this boy sets off my gaydar. It would be a miracle if the rest of his class didn’t suspect.

    If he also has a big dick, then there is really no justice in the world.

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