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!! OMG, what all the hype was about: Ellen's jcpenny commercials !!

At long last and after much to do, jcpenny debuted their commercials featuring "controversial" spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres. The various ad spots highlight the talk show host's signature wit with fanciful scenarios out of absurdist comedies and classic American sitcoms. Here's my favorite of the takes, which portrays Ellen as a grand Victorian dame -- not her normal dapper-pixie self.

OMG, the response: Ellen addresses One Million Moms
OMG, b-e-a-utiful: Ellen and Sofia are CoverGirls
OMG, Bethenny kills it as a talk show host: Gets Ellen to talk dirty about Portia
OMG, sniff sniff: Nicole Richie and Ellen DeGeneres put their noses on hot guys
OMG, "I wanna shoop": Ellen and Rebel Wilson cover Salt-n-Pepa

» posted by Phillip on Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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