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!! OMG, his butt: Shawn Hatosy !!

Having never watched Southland myself (but I hear good things), I only know actor Shawn Hatosy as the cute older teen that tragically dies in Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon‘s mother-daughter masterpiece, Down to You. But speaking of pieces, check out Hatosy in a nude NSFW locker room scene from his TNT show after the jump.

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    Hatosy had a full butt shot in an earlier episode which you can view here: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly2bsfIvx31r1i8dpo1_500.gif
    His ass is on full display for a second in this episode as well but only for a second.
    Eko, the movie in question was released over a decade ago. The statute of limitations has long since expired. Stop being a whiny bitch.

    He was the cutest guy in “IN AND OUT”!!
    SOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed in TNT that they couldn’t have a full-rear shot.

    If you are going to post big spoilers about what happens in a movie you may want to put a warning in the title.

    Shawn Hatosy is a really good actor in addition to being a fine piece of meat. Check out his early films “Borstal Boy” and “Soldier’s Girl”.

    The movie starring Natalie and Susan was called, ‘Anywhere but Here’, not ‘Down to You’.

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