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!! OMG, he’s naked: Dominic West !!

If you like your actors English and devilishly handsome then you’re a Dominic West type — which means you’ll certainly enjoy the NSFW shots of West after the jump from 2011’s ghost-hunt flick, The Awakening. As a Dominic West man myself, I know I did.

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    uh, @Mcflyer54, it took you longer to make that comment than to scroll this page. If time was wasted, that’s on you, azzhole

    Are we even sure it’s him and not a body double?

    dat ass :9

    I watched this movie last night, not bad at all. If you have to have action and gore you won’t like it, but if you enjoy a thriller, and a good period piece, then you may want to check it out.

    very nice,id eat that ass for hours

    That was a huge disappointment and waste of time.

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