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!! OMG, “I see the truth so clearly”: Fiona Apple writes a letter to the gays !!

Yanked from the 2000 time capsule is this letter (below) penned by Fiona Apple to a then 16-year-old Bill Magee after he asked the musician to write something to his school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. “Quite frankly, 16-year-old me was much more interested in interacting with a celebrity than building an alliance between gays and straights, but Fiona took me at my word and wrote me this really sweet letter,” Magee wrote on his blog. “The show was on a Friday, and I got this via FedEx the following Tuesday, and she even apologizes for it taking so long. For much of the 12 years that have passed since these events transpired, this has been the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.”
(via HuffPost — thanks, Kevin!)

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    It is very clear to me as well, until we truly practice the idea of, ‘All Men Are Created Equal’, we are a nation of hypocrites.

    Fiona is AMAZING… nuff said!!!!

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