!! OMG, naked screaming: Another look at Jason Russell’s famed rant !!

Want to relive the Jason Russell naked meltdown, but this time UP CLOSE? Follow the jump to see the video.
(Thanks, Kevin!)

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12 Comments on "OMG, naked screaming: Another look at Jason Russell’s famed rant"

  1. a) hes so gay its brighter than a rainbow flag, B) omg hes such an attention whore! you just want ppl to talk about you, get a life, could you be any more desperate?!

  2. Why is this OBVIOUSLY gay dude in the closet? That’s what I don’t get. And I agree with Dan he couldn’t sound queenier.

  3. he is gay gay gay!!

  4. TMZ must have killed the link…nothing happens when you click play.

  5. This guy’s in good shape physically, too bad he’s crackers. And I know he’s married with children, but he trips my gaydar.

  6. OMG WTF It’s unbelievable !!!

  7. where can we see the unedited version, i wanna see what this hottie is packing between the legs

  8. He sure is rather “fabulous” for having a wife and kid.

  9. It appears that the stress of denying his fabulous homosexuality is weighing heavy on him

  10. i didn’t realize he was a queen…

  11. “Oh my God, fuck that shit.” Said with the nelliest accent I’ve heard in a while. Just another closeted Christian if you ask me. Breakdowns are the norm for them.

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