!! OMG, Sigur Rós are releasing a new album !!

The soundtrack to your summer of cinematic lovemaking and/or cry-fest will arrive on May 28 in the form the new Sigur Rós album, Valtari. It’s the Icelandic quartet’s first LP since 2008’s Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust and, if the SoundCloud comments on new track “Ekki múkk” are anything to go by, it’s going to be another “superb,” “haunting,” “divine” and ” =D ” effort.
Listen to “Ekki múkk” above and check out the tracklisting below along with translations of the song titles that we cobbled together after a few cursory Google searches:
1. “Ég anda” (“I Breathe”)

2. “Ekki múkk

” (“Not a Peep”)
3. “Varúð

” (“Warning”)
4. Rembihnútur (“Double Knot”)

5. “Dauðalogn” (“Dead Calm”)

6. “Varðeldur” (“Campfire”)

7. “Valtari” (“Steamroller”)
8. Fjögur píanó (“Four Piano”)
Sigur Rós will also play a series of gigs in Europe, Japan and Canada this summer. Tour dates after the jump.

Sigur Rós 2012 tour dates:
Aug. 3 – Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Festival
Aug. 18-19 – Osaka/Tokyo, Japan @ Summer Sonic
Aug. 24 – Paris, France @ Rock en Seine
Aug. 25 – Winterthur, Switzerland @ Steinberggasse
Aug. 28 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
Aug. 29 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
Aug. 31 – Stradbally, Ireland @ Electric Picnic
Sept. 4 – Vienna, Austria @ Arena
Sept. 5 – Ljublhana, Slovakia @ Krizanke
Sept. 7 – Berlin, Germany @ Berlin Festival
Sept. 9 – Isle of Wight, UK @ Bestival
Sept. 16 – Krakow, Poland @ Sacrum Profanum
Sept. 17 – Krakow, Poland @ Sacrum Profanum

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2 Comments on "OMG, Sigur Rós are releasing a new album"

  1. @Kári Emil Thanks!

  2. Some corrections from your resident Icelandic reader:
    1. Icelandic titles are not capitalised except the beginning
    2. Êg anda should have an é in it, not a ê and Rembihnûtur should have an ú, not an û. There is no ˆ diacritic in Icelandic.
    3. Ekki múkk means “not a peep” or “not a tiny sound”, something you say to people when you want them to shut up. I have no idea where “seagull” (mávur) came from.

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