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!! OMG, X marks the spot: Is Britney Spears joining ‘X Factor’? !!

With the news that Janet Jackson turned down a judge’s spot on Simon Cowell‘s X Factor comes the potential that another teen-turned-megastar, Britney Spears, will join the panel. The singer is reported to be in final negotiations, where it’s said she’s pushing producers to raise her contract from $10 million to $16 million for the season. If the show decides to meet her request, Spears will be all set to be the next Paula Abdul. Whether or not that’s a good thing is unclear…
(via NY Daily News)




    Why don’t they just sign up Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton if they are going for that circus sideshow vibe.

    Really, Brit? You can’t survive on $10 million? Pffft…..

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