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!! OMG, X marks the spot: Is Britney Spears joining ‘X Factor’? !!

With the news that Janet Jackson turned down a judge’s spot on Simon Cowell‘s X Factor comes the potential that another teen-turned-megastar, Britney Spears, will join the panel. The singer is reported to be in final negotiations, where it’s said she’s pushing producers to raise her contract from $10 million to $16 million for the season. If the show decides to meet her request, Spears will be all set to be the next Paula Abdul. Whether or not that’s a good thing is unclear…
(via NY Daily News)

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    Really, Brit? You can’t survive on $10 million? Pffft…..

    Why don’t they just sign up Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton if they are going for that circus sideshow vibe.

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