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!! OMG, who’s next: Left Eye to be a hologram !!

First Tupac Shakur, now Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes: The late TLC rapper will be resurrected via hologram — as Tupac was to great effect at this year’s Coachella — when TLC’s surviving members begin a 2012 reunion tour, which is already booked for five major cities.
(via PopBytes)

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    how is she racists have u listened to her or tlc music both of their music are about empowerment with no color lines just listen to the music b4 making comments plz

    Lol well I didn’t mean for them to be with TLC, I just meant in general with this technology.

    not sure mother teresa et al would be a seamless fit with TLC but kudos for thinking outside the box

    This is such a waste of time and money. How about they do someone like da Vinci, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King? Instead they do a racist, gangster wannabe and someone that burned down a house in a psychotic fit.

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