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!! OMG, a glimpse into his future: Daniel Radcliffe to play a younger Jon Hamm !!

Prepare to bid farewell to Downton Abbey as your favorite hour of British television, because Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are teaming up for a new four-part miniseries about about Russian doctors after World War I. The former Harry Potter star will play a younger version of Hamm’s character, which seems a somewhat strange casting choice, one can’t help but notice, because of the five-inch height difference between the two actors. Best get Radcliffe some serious platforms.
(via Vulture)




    Not to mention, Radcliffe is one of the 5 men on Earth who is actually hairier than Hamm. Time to trim the lawn!

    Better yet, the young self and the future self should have sex with each other…..lol

    I’ve seen Daniel in person. 5 inches is generous. Big fan – thnk he’s talented and a wonderful advocate. But unless Hamm is only 5’5″, I’d say it’s at least an 8 inch differential. Hollywood is th Shire, I tells ya!

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