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!! OMG, a glimpse into his future: Daniel Radcliffe to play a younger Jon Hamm !!

Prepare to bid farewell to Downton Abbey as your favorite hour of British television, because Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are teaming up for a new four-part miniseries about about Russian doctors after World War I. The former Harry Potter star will play a younger version of Hamm’s character, which seems a somewhat strange casting choice, one can’t help but notice, because of the five-inch height difference between the two actors. Best get Radcliffe some serious platforms.
(via Vulture)

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    I’ve seen Daniel in person. 5 inches is generous. Big fan – thnk he’s talented and a wonderful advocate. But unless Hamm is only 5’5″, I’d say it’s at least an 8 inch differential. Hollywood is th Shire, I tells ya!

    Better yet, the young self and the future self should have sex with each other…..lol

    Not to mention, Radcliffe is one of the 5 men on Earth who is actually hairier than Hamm. Time to trim the lawn!

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