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!! OMG, big pimpin’: Andrew Christian punches booties in new video !!

A master of sexy-time underwear maybe, but Andrew Christian also has another persona — as a 1990s rap star. Why else would the undies line produce videos of greased-up babes popping (and punching) their booties for the camera? In the NSFW video after the jump, I half expect the song “Punch That Kitty” by Glamorous Monique and Gordy Cox to break into, “I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

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    They are very goodlooking indeed, but acting and dancing like girls turns me completely off.

    Stupid? More like stupidly HOT!


    These videos just get dumber and less appealing as he goes along.

    Stupid, vulgar and GAY!

    That was just stupid.

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