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!! OMG, fashion chips? Ashton Kutcher brings out his inner Karl !!

There’s been a lot of talk about Ashton Kutcher‘s dating-site commercials for Pop Chips — like, for example, what the heck they have to do with chips and why Ashton is even hamming it up for a product to begin with — but I think we need to talk about his Karl Lagerfeld impression. Do you think he does the Kaiser justice?




    It’s not over the top at all! It’s no more outrageous than a lot of “real” people. I don’t find it as ALL homophobic or offensive and, being Gay, I look for that all the time. Actually the character is pretty well done.

    Ashton has still his spineless slouchiness! He should bring on the corseted rigidness of Ze Kaizer!

    he looks like a Lady Gaga Impersonator. . .

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