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!! OMG, fashion chips? Ashton Kutcher brings out his inner Karl !!

There’s been a lot of talk about Ashton Kutcher‘s dating-site commercials for Pop Chips — like, for example, what the heck they have to do with chips and why Ashton is even hamming it up for a product to begin with — but I think we need to talk about his Karl Lagerfeld impression. Do you think he does the Kaiser justice?

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    he looks like a Lady Gaga Impersonator. . .

    Ashton has still his spineless slouchiness! He should bring on the corseted rigidness of Ze Kaizer!

    It’s not over the top at all! It’s no more outrageous than a lot of “real” people. I don’t find it as ALL homophobic or offensive and, being Gay, I look for that all the time. Actually the character is pretty well done.

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