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!! OMG gossip: Serena Williams makes her rap debut !!

OMG, Serena Williams‘s first rap track! [evil beet]
Jake Shears and Baby Daddy of the Scissor Sisters strike a shirtless pose for the Gay Times [towleroad]
Are the Sister Wives just like us? [huffpo]
Watch MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall shut down a dumb Washington Examiner reporter Bill O’Reilly style [dlisted]
OMG, Mitt Gets Worse [kenneth]
Nordic Man magazine or Nordic Undressed Man magazine? Just semantics! [oh la la]
Oprah‘s OWN network is a money pit [popbytes]
Drew Barrymore is wedding veil shopping [socialite life]
OMG a three legged bear spotted in Alaska! [celebrity cafe]
Former Spiderman Tobey Maguire interviews new Spiderman Andrew Garfield for VMAN [amy grindhouse]
Has every American president been secretly gay? [after elton]
Have you ever wondered what’s between the legs of the Incredible Hulk? [double viking]
Nelly Furtado discusses “Hoops” [arjan]
Kanye West wants to marry Kim Kardashian… in his lyrics [allie]
Guess how much Jessica Simpson‘s baby photos were worth to People magazine? [celebitchy]
What’s your position on orgy rights? Let this crazy Nebraskan lady tell you hers [joe]
This lady was arrested for serving hot dogs with a side of lapdance out of a truck [tabloid prodigy]

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