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!! OMG, Lisa Turtle has a new shell: What became of Lark Voorhies?! !!

There’s been a lot of Facebook activity of late, thanks to BuzzFeed’s knack for all-things-viral, hypothesizing what might have befallen Lark Voorhies to transform her from “Saved By The Bell” teen star into a nearly unrecognizable painted lady. (That lipstick!) But, no, really, what happened to her?!




    She looks like a dead body from the Philippines. Or one of those bodies they teach CPR on.

    She would look fine if somebody fixed that ridiculous makeup. That lipstick color is awful and her face is waaaayyyyyyyyyy too white on the forehead and around the eyes.

    She’s not well. Her mother had control of her finances for years (into her 30s) due to a court’s order similar to what Britney’s gone through. Hope she’s getting better.

    I love Lisa. She probably has a combination of bad makeup and a skin condition (that the makeup is attempting to hide). Wish her the best!

    It looks like she has had her skin bleached and is trying to correct her skin tone with make up. Bleaching removes the colour pigment in the skin but doesn’t lighten the shade of your tone and to me that’s what it looks like she’s done.

    She was in rehab last year or coke addiction.

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