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!! OMG, the biggest gaffe of them all: Mitt Romney’s Amercia !!

Notice anything wrong with this iPhone app from the Mitt Romney campaign, which allows users to slap a logo over photos? No? Don’t worry, Mitt didn’t see it either, although plenty of other people have
(via Joe)

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    Lest you all go gaga over a mistake, let me remind you of a few things.
    You want to talk stupid? 2 words: Joe Biden
    B Hussein Obama visited 57 states (but no one seems to care)
    The ‘smartest man to ever hold office’ can’t even pronounce simple military terms like corpsman, pronounces country names with fake accents (Pah-kee-stahn) and doesn’t know the meaning of economics.
    Yeah, you have a lot going for you.

    I like the Italianization of America – lets put up lots of nude statues of our heroes – like maybe Tim Tebow.

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