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!! OMG, gossip: New episode of 'The Outs' has arrived !!

Episode 3 of The Outs is here! [towleroad]

Johnny Depp is single again, which means countless women across the world will be angling to pick up the pieces Vanessa Paradis left behind [huffpost]

OMG, shockingly, everyone hates Bristol Palin's reality TV show [evil beet]

Check out these photos of Angelina Jolie gettin' all horny on the set of "Maleficent" [dlisted]

Grab your off-roading gear, boys -- we're heading to the Outback for a lil' bush-wacking [kenneth]

"What Lies Beneath" isn't just a Harrison Ford movie anymore... [oh la la]

Because you've been waiting for it for SO LONG, here's the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" trailer [popbytes]

OMG, Olly Murs -- and just Olly Murs [socialite life]

Go get your spy on in Times Square (and, no, that doesn't mean creeping on out-of-town hotties) [celebrity cafe]

If you were Emma Stone, wouldn't you cry too? [amy grindhouse]

OMG, a roundup: 20 hottest reality TV hosts [after elton]

Bacon is the new black [double viking]

We can finally stop listening to that damnable "Call Me Maybe," because Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song with Owl City's Adam Young [arjan]

Oh snap! Alec Baldwin punched a photographer in the face [allie]

In a tragic sign of our times, Kristen Stewart is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood [celebitchy]

Need a some scaring today? Watch the trailer for the "Monsters Inc." prequel [joe]

OMG, now Lil' Wayne is caught up in Drake and Chris Brown's drama?! [tabloid prodigy]

Nutella is officially the greatest substance on Earth [berry]

OMG, gossip: What happens in the last episode of 'The Outs'?
OMG, gossip: The real reason Johnny and Vanessa split
OMG, gossip: Someone take the camera away from Miley Cyrus
OMG, at laaaast: KStew and RPat are back in business
OMG, gossip: Britney Spears hates the Simon Cowell/Carmen Electra relationship

» posted by Phillip on Wednesday, June 20, 2012
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Thanks for the heads up, Eko! It's been fixed now. xo Frank

» posted by Frank Author Profile Page | June 21, 2012 2:09 PM

Just a heads up, your Bristol Palin headline is linking to the Huffington Post story about Depp.

» posted by Eko | June 20, 2012 10:35 PM

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