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!! OMG, this one has booty shots: New ‘Magic Mike’ trailer !!

magic mike trailer.png
If your boss isn’t the sort who approves of Channing Tatum‘s bumbum popping up on your computer screen (or of men shaving their legs), you’ll want to watch this new trailer for “Magic Mike” when you get home. Otherwise, on to the butt show after the jump!

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    Ok now this trailer finally delivered some good stuff!

    If they play this as tongue & cheek, and not as a “serious” film it might survive. Otherwise Magic Mike will be this dedcades Showgirls. Remember Vally of the Dolls? this could be “Ass crack and some balls”. Add Ashton Kutcher and call it “Dude, where’s my pubes” , or Dude, where’s my dignity.

    MATHEW will give you a BONER

    omg mega hot!!! I cant wait to see this movie!!! come out now!!!

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