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!! OMG, what happened?! Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious !!

No, Lindsay Lohan did not die [huffpost]

Jamie Lynn Spears
can, um, kinda sing? [evil beet]
OMG, Justin Bieber has a feud with Kurt Cobain — at least according to certain fans [dlisted]
Summer is all about the colorful pants, people. Stock up now. [kenneth]
Take an extended look at Stephen Amell In Arrow — he’ll have you shooting straight in no time [oh la la]

Azealia Banks
‘ “Liquorice” video is decidedly awesome [popbytes]
Are Kendall and Kylie Jenner too sexy for their age? Yes, yes they are [socialite life]
Don’t start your weekend without downloading these songs [celebrity cafe]
OMG, see what Adam Rodriguez has to say about taking it all off for “Magic Mike” with Channing and Matt [after elton]
Just pray Jimmy Kimmel never plays a prank like this one you… [double viking]
Now that she’s getting into porn, we know what Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s O-face looks like [allie]
If dance-pop prodigy Zedd‘s fingers can do all that, what else are they capable of? [arjan]
The price to buy into Sarah Jessica Parker‘s fundraiser for Obama was $40k a plate! [celebitchy]
According to Glenn Beck, Glee must be stopped [joe]
It’s not enough to pick a bar fight when you’re a celeb — you have to take the argument public, too. Right Drake and Chris? [tabloid prodigy]
Hot men with pets — ‘nuf said [berry]
OMG, don’t heckle POTUS! [towleroad]

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