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!! OMG, transtastic: Annette Bening’s son answers seven questions about being trans !!

You have no idea how much I wanted Annette Bening to be my mother when I was growing. I think it was “The American President” that did it. There was just something about that Sydney Allen Wade… Had Bening actually been my mother, then maybe I would have turned out something like her 20-year-old son Stephen Ira Beatty, who was born Kathlyn Elizabeth Beatty, having transitioned at the age of 14. Here, Stephen answers seven questions for the WeHappyTrans Project and gives us a peek at what it’s like to be Annette Bening’s spawn. Jealoussss.
(via dlisted)




    Jesus H Christ, he talks so damn fast! Slow down!

    Wow, what an incredible video. Bravo, Stephen!

    Wow he talked a mile a minute — but in a really good way. Aaron Sorkin needs to cast him as an intern for the Newsroom, pronto.
    Well, assuming the Newsroom actually becomes good at some point. Otherwise, it would probably be better to wait for the next Sorkin project…

    He is cute… Very bright. I love how fast he talks, wish everyone expressed ideas this quickly and consicely.

    This is a VERY intelligent and informed 14-year-old. Wow.

    Wow…he is super adorable, and his personality is amazing. I want one. 😉

    Mike, go read the post again. He’s 20, not 14.

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