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!! OMG, his butt: Taylor Kitsch !!

If you haven’t yet seen the Laguna Beach thriller “Savages,” there one really good reason to, and it’s Taylor Kitsch‘s butt. The actor — known for roles in Friday Night Lights and “John Carter” — bares his bum in a couch-sex scene, which you can see in NSFW shots after the jump.

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    I have such a thing for Taylor Kitsch AND Blake Lively but oof… those are not good O-faces.

    Niiiice post! Love this guy and used to watch “Friday Night Lights” mainly because of him. Although, it really was a good show.

    That was probably the best part of the movie…

    One hot ass he got there.

    Not a great butt, sorry.

    i wish i could stick my tongue in the crack of his azz till he nutts and watch me eat it…DAYUM! NOW THAT’S HOTTTTT!!!!

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