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!! OMG, his butt: Taylor Kitsch !!

If you haven’t yet seen the Laguna Beach thriller “Savages,” there one really good reason to, and it’s Taylor Kitsch‘s butt. The actor — known for roles in Friday Night Lights and “John Carter” — bares his bum in a couch-sex scene, which you can see in NSFW shots after the jump.

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    i wish i could stick my tongue in the crack of his azz till he nutts and watch me eat it…DAYUM! NOW THAT’S HOTTTTT!!!!

    Not a great butt, sorry.

    One hot ass he got there.

    That was probably the best part of the movie…

    Niiiice post! Love this guy and used to watch “Friday Night Lights” mainly because of him. Although, it really was a good show.

    I have such a thing for Taylor Kitsch AND Blake Lively but oof… those are not good O-faces.

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