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!! OMG, apparently she’s into kink: Celine Dion’s sexy fashion shoot !!

V magazine shot Celine Dion like (I’m pretty sure) she’s never been shot before — wearing a bunny mask and stuffed-animal-studded trousers. And that’s on the above image. After the jump, check out the rest of Celine’s racy spread for the boundary-pushing fashion mag, including (prepare to gasp) a topless photo. Celine!





    Love the second third and last pics. She looks terrific and like she’s having fun but I wonder why she opted to do this?

    Wow, this is actually a great pic. Surely there was “pun” intended towards certain recent pop goddesses. Celine probably really wants to rip each and every one of these dolls off of her body and hurl them…hmmm…that would be an excellent production for To Love You More.

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