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!! OMG, cartoon envy: Barneys gives Disney a makeover !!

To top last year’s “Gaga’s Workshop” holiday display, Barneys New York has teamed up with Disney for a season they’re calling “Electric Holiday.” Some of Disney’s most iconic characters, like Daisy Duck, Cruella de Vil, and Snow White, have been transformed (i.e. stretched out and skinny-fied) into runway models wearing custom designer looks. Above, Goofy — who in that outfit should be called Hottie — wears a sketch from Balmain. Follow the jump to see two more transformations from the Barneys-Disney holiday duo.
(via WWD)


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    women admit to having sex just for pleasure and adventure at a higher rate than in previous years …

    Those ankles are like 2 pixels wide. Pathetic.

    I thought for a minute that the one of Minnie was actually Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Because who doesn’t want to see their childhood cartoon characters glamorised through anorexia?

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