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!! OMG, yes please: Matthew Mitcham will dive naked if he wins gold !!

Out Aussie Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham — also known as the desire of every gay man with an affinity for Speedos — has vowed via Twitter to tumble his way into a pool completely bare-butt naked if he wins a gold medal at the London games. Let’s all start devoting mental power to that end, shall we? Mitcham, Mitcham, Mitcham…
(via Socialite Life)

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    I’m with spiffy
    some one needs to record it up close and in slow motion. also from a good angle,
    I want to see good penis shots.

    No thanks…I’m all set.

    Oh yeah. Do it. I’ll Tonya Harding all the competition if I need to.

    Except he didn’t say where he’s going to this and whether there will be a camera.

    No thanks…I’m all set.

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