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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt (like you’ve never seen it before): Matthew Mcconaughey !!

Maybe you saw “Magic Mike.” Maybe you didn’t. But I guarantee you’ve never before had the chance to study Matthew Mcconaughey‘s butt like you will after the jump. In these NSFW stills from the movie, Mcconaughey strips for a crowd of ladies with his back on the stage and his butt in the air — so in other words, the perfect position to show off everything happening downstairs.
(Thanks, Frank!)

Click images to enlarge:

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    thank you OMB for these pics
    I scrutinize his rear tight,entrance to
    paradise and its virginal Good for him

    This is amazing. I’ve always wanted to see his butthole 🙂 Hopefully we get a super HD blu ray version later.

    Haha, I had heard that during filming an extra ripped Matty Mc’s thong off and that he improvised, trying to go with it while keeping his junk from getting filmed (and making the footage unusable for the finished film; since the budget was low reshoots would have been costly). Who knew it would result in this kind of unexpected “bonus” shot 😛

    Very nice position : )

    Matthew has one hot bangin’ butt.

    Darkhog you are one of my favorite commenters on the Internet. So happy to have you here! xo Frank

    Why thanks Frank! It’s a pleasure to look in on you from time to time to see what you got cooking as always, I will return. Love you!

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