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!! OMG, gossip: Anna Wintour might be using her power to make Ann Romney look like crap !!

Please say yes: Has Anna Wintour banned the fashion industry from dressing Ann Romney? [celebitchy]
Schooled: Ann Coulter gets a lesson in casually using “retard” from a Special Olympian [jezebel]
Watch what happens: When Billy Eichner met Madonna [kenneth]
Yes, again: Lindsay Lohan stole $15,000 worth of clothes from a movie set [evil beet]
Defriend: The ultimate guide to Facebook stalking [double viking]
When bro meets mo: Eight straight-gay friendships worth noting [after elton]
Dita Von Tease says: Pluck your nipple hair [dlisted]
Today’s hottest hottie: Alex Gregory [oh la la]
Unless he’s hotter: David Entinghe [berry]
News flash: Mischa Barton is still alive [popbytes]
Finally: A version of “Call Me Maybe” worth listening to [socialite life]
OMG: The top ten Real Housewives fights [celebrity cafe]
Train in vain: Marc Jacobs knows you’ll never be as hot as he is [towleroad]
Oh, did you hear? Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married — and turned their wedding into a People cover [amy grindhouse]
Speaking of which: Does Justin Timberlake hate Lance Bass? [allie]
iPod fodder: Pink’s “Try” [tabloid prodigy]
Your new emo-crush: Matthew Koma [arjan]

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