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!! OMG, his peen: Bobby Cannavale !!

How long have we waited for this moment? (I know I’ve been lovestruck with Bobby Cannavale ever since he played Will’s hot-cop boyfriend on Will & Grace.) After the jump, see Cannavale’s nude scene in Boardwalk Empire, where the actor shows no shame (nor should he) about going full-frontal. NSFW, obviously.

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    Of course he’s uncut, he’s a sexy Cuban man. Cuban men are the best. So damn hott.

    Yum Daddy!

    I absolutely love this website. I am so glad I found it getting to see movie stars Peen is awesome.

    I’ve been hot for him for years!

    i love BOBBY THANK YOU

    nice and uncut!

    Hmm . . . Looks Fake.

    It looks like they fitted him with a fake foreskin. His character, Gyp Rosetti would not have been circumcised (born in the late 1800’s) being he plays an adult in the 1920’s.


    I am so glad you got those after I saw it I came to your site to see if you had then or not. But you didn’t get the best one when he was firing the gun in the hallway wow what a view.

    He’s sexy.

    Now if he’d only do the same on his show that I actually watch, Nurse Jackie.

    Uncut?…I can’t really tell.

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