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!! OMG, gossip: Elmo’s Kevin Clash is in awholelotta trouble !!

Wait, whaaat?! Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has been accused of rape [popbytes]
FedEx, get ready: UPS has dumped the Boy Scouts over its anti-gay policies [towleroad]
In her head: Tristan Prettyman reveals the inspiration behind her latest album [arjan]
Not buying it: Tom Cruise tries to look like a badass on the set of “All You Need Is Kill” [celebitchy]
Admit it, you’re in love with him too: Cory Booker [jezebel]
Click at your own risk: Creepy photos of Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy [socialite life]
Understated elegance: Heidi Klum showed up to the MTV EMAs little more than naked [dlisted]
Please, please, please say yes: Is Andy Roddick gay? [kenneth]
Colorado’s new tourism campaign: Pass the dutchie [double viking]
Worth a revisit? The top ten cancelled TV shows [celebrity cafe]
Welcome to the club: Kristen Stewart doesn’t get “Twilight” [evil beet]
Good question: Which famous movie props would you be willing to actually buy? [after elton]
Next up for Justin Timberlake: A starring role in “Runner, Runner” [oh la la]
The best kind: Random hotties [berry]
Yet again: Anne Hathaway covers the holiday issue of Vogue [amy grindhouse]
It’s official: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up [allie]
Also official: Same-sex marriage is unstoppable [joe]
Oh, pssssh: Chris Brown denies that he and Rihanna are back together [tabloid prodigy]




    I never knew the guy behind Elmo was black. They should have made that more public… may have helped the Elmo show.

    Gay Tubes, They made an award winning doc all about him. It’s common knowledge that Kevin is black.

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