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!! OMG, his best performance yet: Ryan Clark’s Madonna/Abba mashup !!

X Factor UK contestant Ryan Clark has survived to see another week, and — I have to say — his mashup of Madonna‘s “Hung Up” and Abba‘s “Gimme Gimme Gimme” is Clark’s best performance to date. While he certainly isn’t the strongest singer in the competition, there’s no denying his magnetic charm and sense of, how shall we put it, theatricality.
[via wow]

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    I can deal with the bad singing and the campness, but those eyebrows!!!!! WTF

    whoops, yet another goof by omgblog….not shocking tho, it involves a man with a beard, which it seems they don’t like…
    The mans name is Rylan, not Ryan

    How is this guy still in the competition? He can’t sing on a professional level, we wouldn’t even have picked him to be in the advanced vocals in high school. I would have greatly loved to hear someone with an actual voice to since this mashup though, that would have been cool.


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