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!! OMG, listen to the Stereogamous single "Face Love Anew" !!

Stereogamous Shaun J Wright.jpg

San Francisco DJ crew Honey Soundsystem and record label Cocktail D' Amore have joined forces to release "Face Love Anew," a wistful analog house banger by majorly homosexual Aussie production duo Stereogamous (they of the epic 'bath house' rework of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex").

Featuring Hercules and Love Affair discovery Shaun J. Wright (pictured) on vocals, the single also comes with remixes by Honey man Jason Kendig and Berlin-based duo Discodromo (they of the after hours jerk-off vid "Mercurio"). The digital release will also include remixes by Kim Ann Foxman, The Miracles Club, Horse Meat Disco and The Carry Nation.

Order the 12-inch vinyl single here and listen to a preview below:

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» posted by Kevin on Tuesday, November 27, 2012
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Wow! I loved Shaun's work in Hercules & Love Affair, but this is really delicious.

» posted by Peter W | November 27, 2012 11:49 PM

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