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!! OMG, Golden Segway Heaven-sent: How To Dress Well's '& It Was You' !!

OMG it's Ya'sus, he's returned just in time for the apocalypse...on a golden Segway?! As this is going on, there's a backroom AA meeting which gets a little "praisethelord/repent/reborn/holyghost/jesusjesus", and the young ones get born again under the golden waves and...and then he comes in on his Segway. AND DANCE!

Well we have a couple of days left so I hope he comes back and does a North American tour on his scooter, encouraging tansen and gold lamé-wearing. Praise the Lord. Hallelu! [Praise the Lord]

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Segways are weird
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OMG, watch Will Smith get jiggy with it on a Segway at Burning Man while wearing a gask mask

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
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