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!! OMG, he needs some Gaydvice: Coming Out the Married Closet !!

On December 15th, this video popped up on the intra-net; Caleb Railey, asking for some advice on dealing with his split from his wife of one year, brought about by his coming out.
The comments on this have varied greatly. Some people have been supportive and offered real advice to him. Others have blasted him for not realising sooner, which is shocking as however confident you feel in your own sexuality, it’s not fair to assume that other people are ready to come out even if “it’s really obvious to everyone”, that’s not for ‘everyone’ to push back onto that person.
Some people have claimed it’s fake and that he is seeking attention. Regardless of it’s validity, I think it’s important that this video exists as it brings up a predicament which IS real for so many men who get married and then down the road realise they want out the closet.
I struggled to come out at 14, even though my family are like a nudist tell-all reality series [kind of like the Kardashians and a tad Honey-Booboo] and can’t imagine what it’s like to do that years or even decades later, with a wife and kids to consider.
What Would Tyra Do? Well apart from giving him a free limited edition Tyra Banks sparkley-Vaseline tub, she’d be supportive and give her wrinkle-free head-tilt concern-face! No ?!
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    Ha, We woman are smarter then you think!

    Lets just be happy we are some hot gay guys! Merry Christmas


    Seek out a gay fathers group, or if none near you, a PFLAG group for support. I was married 20 years, and the Gay Fathers of Toronto support group made the process of coming out bearable for me.

    Sorry but I agree with the people who said it was fake. William Shatner is a better actor.

    P.S., Dude, being Gay is a WHOLE LOT(!) MORE than “loving penis”. Penises have people attached to them. Usually. In your newly-discovered love for penis, I feel you owe your wife (and her, I’m assuming, less desirable, VAGINA) and even BIGGER apology while you discovered that an appendage means more than, well, evidently, anything, Gay or Straight. You’ve got some work ahead of you, Brother…. 🙁

    Give this brother a break. It’s EASY to be jaded after coming to grips. We were ALL there, remember? Throwing stones (and bitter, ill-conceived weaves) does NOTHING except keep more Folks in the closet… 🙁

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