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!! OMG, Kim Kar-Krash-Ian's PUSSY shrivelled up and died: RIP Meoowrcy !!


Kim Kar-Krash-Ian's pussy shriveled up and died [dlisted]

Sparkly bor-balls for your xmas boughs [towleroad]

Judy Garland finds Howard Keel hiding behind a dresser [queerty]

Katy & Taylor are killing feminism [and more pressing; Taylor is just killing me with boringfulness, eww she's so booo-ring!] [celebitchy]

'Girl Gone Wild' model's mirrored-open-toe-sandals [ohlala]

Obama still has 'Gangnam Style' [celebcafe]

Yung Skeeter 'Stand Again' [arjan]

I want a Kim Kar-Trash-Ian VAMPIRE FACIAL also as well [popbytes]

Cole's getting fired up [jezebel via Huffpost]

Lambert and Lauper's 'Mad World' [socialitelife]

Rag Roll [kenneth]

Miley's Boob Joob [evilbeet]

Ask Barbra Streisand [afterelton]

MariO-my-gawd, where are your pants Mr Lopez? [Amy via TooFab]

Supreme Fabulettes "You Ruined My Xmas" [JoeMyGod]

Icey Coco Anyone ? [tabloidprodigy]

Watch her loose weight now Weight Watchers; what with a human bean growing inside her [blemish]

Oopsie poopsie: Just another one of those Fail Compilations [doubleviking]

OMG, Rubber Duckie in a Big ol' British Bath
OMG, Martha gets the turkey lurkey: Salmonella Supriiiiiise!
OMG, Golden Globe Nominations? Whatever: Here's Lil' Kim's Golden Globes
OMG, Goes to the Swingpark Yoda does: French Bulldog in a swiiiiing
OMG, "I thought I had too much bacon...but I realized his head would need much more": Kevin Bacon's Bacon Pork-trait

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, December 10, 2012
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