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!! OMG, Rubber Duckie in a Big ol' British Bath !!

OMG, Rubber Duckie in a Big ol' British Bath: Blooming massive rubber duck floats down the Thames [dlisted]

Pope Bene-twitts' first tweets [towleroad]

Do you "wannabe" there on time next time Victoria?: Spice Girls' Musical Premier [queerty]

Louis CK hates his perfect penis [celebitchy]

Diesel hypnotises it's customers [ohlala]

Top Ten Chwistmas Twees [celebcafe

A*M*E's new single: 'Heartless' [arjan]

Ru's Crew: Who's guest-judging in season 5? [popbytes]

Anne Hathaway
Snatches back [jezebel]

Puppy puddle play pals [socialite]

Lance's Mom gets Loud: Pat Loud's Holiday Memory [kenneth]

When in Russia: Gaga's gargantuan furry-jewelly-satiny-russiany thing-y [evilbeet]

Yoko does 'Fireworks' a favour [afterelton]

Kim Kar-crashian's
upholstery for 'Factice' Magazine [amy via toofab]

Another reason to love chunky hockey players: Toronto Marlies Pledge against Homophobia [joemygod]

Nick Masturbates To Mimi's "Hero" [tabloidprodigy]

Miley's Puppy 'popped-her-clogs' [blemish]

Stop doing that, you're going to get that dildo all sandy: Dildo Knight jabs opponent in the face with his sword [doubleviking]

OMG, Kim Kar-Krash-Ian's PUSSY shrivelled up and died: RIP Meoowrcy
OMG, LABRADORABLE: Cuddle Puddle Struggle Wuggle
OMG, Golden Globe Nominations? Whatever: Here's Lil' Kim's Golden Globes
OMG, "F_ck that Bitch Brandi": Kim Richards' [as LeAnn Rimes] Holiday Survival Guide
OMG, Martha gets the turkey lurkey: Salmonella Supriiiiiise!

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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