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!! OMG, YOYOMAX12: serving up panda-loaf realness !!

Don't be confused by the name, 'YOYOMAX' is definitely not a west coast rapper who's giving Lil' Kim a run for her old money; just some unassuming lady who likes bread and cakes and cute animals.

Yoyo has the best theme toon ever. The ingredients for her opening credits are as follows:
bubble font
super fade
friesian cow kettle quirky cooky crooked closeup shots

Unless you're going to make this cutsie loaf or want to watch her WRAP THE PANDA IN A DOUGHEY BLANKET at 5.00, you may want to skip to about 7.00 where the video becomes exponentially less informative and more pandaful.

She also makes a mean pride loaf; that is a rainbow flag bread loaf, not the other type of pride loaf.

"first slice, kind of disappointed, thought it was like a mutant panda, but as ii kept slicing the cute panda started to emerge...and there we go, cute little panda hiding in a loaf of bread"

eeeeeep! I'm WAVING AT THE LOAF-PANDA because he's looking at me inside the screen.

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, January 30, 2013
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