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!! OMG, Battlestar GAYlactica: ‘Blood & Chrome”s Luke Pasqualino & Ben Cotton !!

If, like me, you gorged on Battlestar Galactica like you had no friends and no other reason for breathing for a good 2 months [I think family members and friends thought I’d been murdered until I resurfaced all covered in homemade aluminum armour wielding and toilet roll gun] then [breath] you’ll be having a DORKgasm right now as the straight-to-DVD [previously web series] Blood & Chrome is released today!
Blood & Chrome prequels the remade Millenial TV series, following commander Bill Adama but like younger and cuter. The Advocate spoke to Luke Pasqualino, who plays the young commander and his on and off-screen BROMANCE Ben Cotton.
You can read the intergalactic interview HERE and the remainder of the piece and trailer HERE.
Hey lads, there are cylons crawling all over this ship; they’re likely to kill us all. Do us one last favour and show us your CAPRICAsses!

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