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!! OMG, Call on Me: Janet Jackson's Japanese Cellphone commercials !!

Are you getting '' on your Janet on 647-MEG-AMIX.

You may have thought that Janet's best looks were like her liquid metal circle-boob-peek purple S&M spaceship look in 'What's It Gonna Be' or like her Masai mother-earth septum-ringed tribal queen look in 'Together Again'. Well neither of these looks trump Janet's 1993 look as a nosy Japanese housewife who's pleasure principle of the month is receiving her cellphone bill!

First she gets all Rhythm Nation on beating the dust'n'grime out of her duvet cover, then she goes fish shopping in the local market in a top-head pony-tail and deep red suit jacket...all the time on speed-dial...
647-MEG-AMIX...leave a message if she don't answer and she will totally get back to you...after she's finished purchasing a new head for her mop and a brand new pair of marigold gloves.

[thanks Brake!]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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