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!! OMG, Watch out Rihanna, they’re stealing pieces of your CAKE CAKE CAKE: Rihanna covererers !!

Whilst Rihanna had her head turned showing her River Island clothing line [during but not] in London Fashion Week, everyone else sneakily snuck in and nabbed her songs; gone done them better and then ran off before slo-mo stoned Riri could even RI-alise:
First we had The SugaBabes singing Diamonds at their first gig in 12 years.
Then Mutya passed the encrusted shiny torch to Jesse [below] who shone brighter than Rihanna at BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, and once Ware was done she turned the lights off and gave the floor over to bald-bi Vin Diesel who did a special ‘Pitch Black’ valentines karaoke version of Rihanna’s new single ‘Stay’, followed hot on his high heels by Little Miss Lambert.

Tom, Dick and Harry are all making you feel like you’re not the only girl in the world !
[via WAPS]

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