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!! OMG, Kim Ann Foxman remixes The xx !!

Last year when I interviewed Oliver Sim of The xx for Toronto alt-weekly NOW Magazine, he revealed that Hercules and Love Affair's cover of "Shelter" helped shove the brooding British trio ever-so-gently toward the dance floor.

"It definitely inspired us," he said. "Something I really enjoy in music is that juxtaposition that happens in disco a lot between really heartbreaking songs that you can dance to and then take home, listen to again and realize they're kind of sad. It was nice to realize that songs can exist in two different places. I think that's something they did in that cover, which is cool."

Now, the singer of said "Shelter" cover, Kim Ann Foxman, has taken "Sunset" - one of the dancier tunes off The xx's Coexist album - and remixed it into an eerie deep house track suitable for either givin 'er on the floor or moping around the house.

Listen to it above and acquire it in all its high-quality glory via Beatport.

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» posted by Kevin on Friday, March 15, 2013
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