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!! OMG, “oh no no no no no no no”: Brooke Candy’s on the track !!

My friend Becca has the biggest ginger-fro you’ve seen, and people always touch that and once some guy in a car threw a plastic bottle at that fro and she was nononononononot happy about that thing.
Well Auntie Brooke can relate to this, DO NOT touch her hair, or her coat or anything for that matter, don’t even look at her or she’ll set her baby mouth lizards on you!

Read Brooke’s Candy-ass interview OVER AT BEATJUICE where she talks all abeat hanging out with art fags, stripping at ‘Cheetah’s Bikini Bar’ and “the gay uprising!”

“I’m gay, and I was dating a man. He was gay too…We hated having sex.”

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