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!! OMG, Kat-erwauling: Zebra Katz’ ‘DRKLNG’ !!

I just found out they have wi-fi in purgatory, because I just died [I choked on a stripy Zebra-Kat hair-ball actually] due to the fact that her thighs spread just like a Meow-mix-tape entitled ‘DRKLNG’ which you to can have listen through your head-holes over at PITCHFORK. below.

…Speaking of which, IMMA just READ the purgatory menu and the only available items are deviled eggs or semolina…all mushed together.

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    yes ma’am,
    for some reason pitchfork took her down, so I’ve popped up the SC stream for you to have a listen-hear…enjoy it, especially Busta’s version of ‘IMMA READ’ !!!

    Do you happen to know if it was removed? I don’t see it anywhere.

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