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!! OMG, 3-PIECE-SUITE-JESUS GIRL, GET OFF THE FLOOR!: Can Evgin’s ‘Autoerotic’ !!

OK bitch, when I asked you to do me a solid and look after Britney’s “Slave 4 U” albino python for the weekend I didn’t mean you could play dress-up in my Alexander McQueen and writhe around on my PASTEL SUBURBAN SALMON-PEACHES’N’CREAM RUG.
Scottish Ballet’s Tokyo-born ballerina Sonoya Mizuno plays to the camera in preparation for her role in upcoming sci-fi robo-flick Ex-Machina.
This Grace Jones-esque pulsating en fran├žaise soundtracked short is the latest in a string of fashion-centric works that Mizuno has partaken.

“In my mind I was quite a conservative woman with a strong internal fantasy, and the clothes really triggered it”

I’ll give you “trigger”, girl don’t be rubbin’ your puss on my fleshtone leatherette 3-piece-suit, that shit is not cheap.
[via nowness]

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